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Arky SP: What this is so dump not all English people are like that OMG

Tom Sheff: Because fuck the Acts of Union 18!

Ivapino: And that confirms that the Manc accent is vile

Bria Hampton: Brazil is the best; bye!

Joseph Kushuk: Germans, Austrians even say tachles too. It's great.

Marina Vieira: What is that Swedish song the girl was singing ? It's pretty nice, I'd like to know


Ari Lopes: Just a woman for me :)

Ellen Mahoney: You know you're dating a german woman when. she drinks more beer than you and your father combined!

Ayman Khan: We say what's on our minds

Jeidy Allison: The mexican and italian flag is identical if it wasnt for the eagle in the middle.

Jojoh 203: Do an English man!

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Naked Straight Men Tumblr

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  1. I want to be alone forever not because am scared of the pain,its because this world just sucks!

  2. I can't help it, but she wouldn't get a second's peace from me. I'd jump her bones all the day long.

  3. Good job Brits, thanks to feminism, your country is the only western country where having a sexual orientation is a criminal offense.

  4. foreskin bet to be remove when ur 8-12 cause when your that young u wont feel the much pain.and furthermore its hygiene.

  5. 2:14 +lacigreenВ holy crap you have a beautiful singing voice! If you were not in choir in high school your choir missed out!

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