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I lost my virginity to a man with a huge penis. Watching porn made me uncomfortable so I always just read erotica. I could...

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Be good at something else, too I dated a guy with a legitimate micro-peen. It helped that he was a level 10 kisser and so in-tune with reading my cues. It was pretty uncomfortable since it took a while to actually fit it in even with copious amounts of lube and I was even bearing tears on a few occasions along with a bruised cervix.

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How To Have Sex With Big Dick

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Luckily I married someone who is the right size for me. Dated another guy much later with a dick thicker around than my wrist, probably 8 inches long. And we both shared many, many orgasms pressed tightly together and I stayed with him for over four years. The big one was fun for blow jobs but sex hurt until I got wet enough or I guess, stretched enough. I literally have to be able to sink the Titanic in my pants before I can take a dick.



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