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Giannis P.: Wow i didn't think it was so bad in germany (where I live). I think cheating is disgusting, but if BOTH partners agree there's nothing against having fun or multiple relationships

Iambeare: This is kinda rude because I'm dutch and i never met a douchebag like that before.

Santiago Sosa: OMG! Story of my life! I've been dating an Italian (Napoletano man for 4 years and this is so true! I'm speechless. if I can give this video 10 thumbs up I would!

DUCKY_ LAWD: Yea they are late on every event

Maya Soares: Ahhhh i want a husband like this 3

TheF0XR: I dated a Russian guy years ago. He was very much like that. It's funny in the US if a woman doesn't pay or offer to pay, wait for him to call you entitled or a gold digger.

O Vovi O: I notice that all the guys from southern Europe and South American Latin countries are close to their mothers.

Robert Hughes: This actor is better than fucking DiCaprio, where the hell did you get him? I was cracking up the entire video!

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