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But beyond the naked pictures, an interesting character began to expose itself. Here was a Tumblr photo of Cooper and his friend and fellow performer Colby Keller, wearing nerdy glasses, checkered aprons and carrying a tray of cupcakes.

There a porn-site profile, professing he likes the Times crossword and crackers. On the Huffington Post, he wrote a series of columns conceptioning with subjects ranging from gay suicide to the sociological implications of digital closeness on Grindr. On finding his blog Choice, I finally had to let go any last thought of pigeonholing this guy. When we talked he was wearing a chunky sweater, eating porridge and playing with his cat. We spoke about managing identity online, knitting projects, and the ethical complexion of pornography.

Professionally there are some studios that I really love. We had great chemistry. The web site was really just a place on the Internet for people to land when they google Dale Cooper. So yeah, I am promoting the idea of [puts on macho voice] having a six-pack! I got them right after college. The developers have talked about how they really, really liked The Wizard of Oz , and so they took the characters that each represented a cardinal idea—love, courage, and the truth.

You want to encourage viewers to interact with you, in scenes and otherwise.

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A lot of companies Photoshop, and I actually have a policy: On finding his blog , I finally had to abandon any last thought of pigeonholing this guy. Yeah, but I was more keen on the sheriff. Click to get Flash Player or try to enable JavaScript and reload the page.

There was a really great non-profit when I first moved to Baltimore, where I currently live. That said, anyone in media has checks and balances: Do you regret not working in non-profit anymore, of having to go from that kind of idealism into the entertainment business?

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Dale Cooper is charming and handsome, with a handsome face, a disarmingly seductive voice, From now on, all the “Dale Cooper” Tumblr hashtags will be infused with gay porn. And such a campy,...