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Tristan Ich: When she spits cabbage into your mouth?

Medinas Liv: I recognize all of them right exept I had no clue what accents of English it were and I said Finish on Estonian but they r almost the same and my eyes were not close

Mooncalf: Canadian raised by Brazilians checking in.

Lisa Dovas: Why do they keep alternating between English and French

Mel Ancholia: What do you know about me people?

Sukossje: The asian guy he was on a budget if he was then why would he take a girl out on a date makes no sense at all

Hadi Farah: Oh please WE ALL DO IT, all the time with everything even without realising.

Alicia Gannon: To enslaved those poor souls.

One Man Army: The french in this video seemed to be in a very peculiar accent. Sure as hell didn't sound French. Nor did it sound very Quebecois. ?

Madame Mad: In other words they are feminist cunts

Wies Siew: Actually here in Spain going out is late too. Especially in summer when it lasts till 8 am.

TeqHDcasper: So a boring woman, with no personality, with no ability to exert her own will nor to express it, and completely empty to the point of liking whatever you like as in the case with the sports team.ok got it

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Most of the Athens conformation are situated entirely centrally and organize effort expertise.

How nervous or excited do you get before a first date?

YASMIN Ja: Ovo je za sve koji govore da su srpski i hrvatski isti jezik:*

Camila Kraus: hour later*

OcBTyga: How the white dress girls knew that he was going to hi5

Mejai Israa: Please just show the girls images of Sebastian Stan


INTPaul!: I live in Japan, stopped dating Japanese guys years ago lol

Leni S.: To je super video xD

Alexei Ruiz: I was so surprised to even hear a Trinidadian in this video!

Victorski: These videos should be called How to date a stereotype.

Sg98films: Don't forget that if you ever said anything negative about her family, you are fucked.

Dipankar Roy: Do you actually live in a jungle? I hate when people ask me this. Brazil is not only jungles, you moron.

Luke Airborne: Polish langiage here is not quite how it is. The girl has very strange accent, not even like most foreigners speak when they learn it.

MattehWizard: That's funny! My wife is Canadian and I'm Brazilian. Her friends think it's so cute that we always walk holding hands, but to me that's pretty much the only way couples walk around together.If a man and a woman walk just side by side in Brazil, they are probably just friends. I always take long time to understand when couples in Canada are couples, because they stay so far from each other.


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