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Hot Guy Gets His Dick Blowjed

I Blew It Didn't I?!!!!

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Malle. Bou: Omg Korean I can't

SAULO JUNIO: Oy bednaya jenshina. :D

Fire Fux: Brazil waaaaay sexier ;)

Caio Henrique: I'm so bad at dating that I treat and/or perceive it like rocket science, this seems complicated enough so might work :P

Mohamed Hefny: Wait a minute why dont each of them pay for their own drinks problem solved

Brian Wilson: Wow the Portuguese are totally different than the ones born in North America,the ones here in Canada are so anglicized like the Italians.


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Louis M.: Damn I hate each of them. But normally AU K are great! #FAIL

Theodore Wurz: Portugueses destilando seu machismo, preconceito e toda sua primitividade.

Yowt Hubert: Do one on Japanese women please.

Darling Baby: Dominican republic was sooooo sexy

Maria Vicente: Sooo true for the romance thing and the clothes. After mine is not like that ;)

Gra Piken: Do one on the SCOTS NEXT!

AJ Mathieu: Serbian! Usput sub na moj kanal, sigurno ce vas nasmejati!

Succ Dis: You look good!

Gia Ponce: You cannot diferentiate accents when reading. The venezuelan guy doesnt even sound Venezuelan, he sounds spaniard. Women based their choices on the guys voice rather than their accents. make a better video! #Callforaction

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