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Lilprpmami1: I'm sorry, but this was the worst polish accent i've ever hear. It was embarrasing to watch this part of video

Pom Das: Quebec's french sounds better.

Captain Stove: I thought Stephani as well

Yui Ito: I hope the woman at 34 was just joking cause that would be a really bad stereotype to be accurate

Cel Marzan: German women are easy. If you own an apartment or even a house in Munich you can get any german woman you like.

Fridgemusa: They're all so beautiful aha no wonder all those terrible chat up lines work! Great video

SCRUMBAGS: Russian women are one of the most beautiful in the world and also good character.

YoSoyGus1: Mexican woman will give it up practically on second date. theeeen they will tell you i ain't like this

SteelJM1: These videos are so stereotypical /judgmental. just dont have any preconceived notions of who you are going to date. Judging someone from their nationality and race reflects one's narrow mindedness. I have a Puerto Rican girlfriend and she mentioned none of these stereotypes match to who I am.

Barryot: Everything in this video is true. Hahahahahahahahaha

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Daniel Ray: Lived in Japan for years, can confirm, this is how Japanese guys are lol. One of my buddies is getting hints all over from a girl that he likes but doesn't think she likes him haha.

Dylan Foley: Make part 2

Bestguitar11: How the fuck did she guess trinidad

Adenx Mart: Damnnnn. tht guy is fucking hot

Aboomination: I'm italian and my boyfriend is german, a very romantic and lovely german man : I love him so much! And yes he totally loves HIS BREAD ahahahahah. I found out that it's true that german people have this great honesty and sense of equality and sometimes they want to plan in an exaggerate way. but they are also very polite and gentle.

Daniel Balk: Sooo, no Asian countries? Guys?

MJ Hilario: Would LOVE to see dating an American (esp. if you divide them by Democrat or Republican). I'll offer to help write the script!

Srbrooks: Girls around the world! you're not fat, you're in the wrong country!

GIOMANDATO: Germans are not romantic I've dated them and they are harsh and usually arrogant, not manly at all

Katherine D: Video del cazzo, stereotipi del cazzo.

Annamei Chan: It's very similar to south Italy xD

Cecilia Art: Anyway those indian guys looks like latine dont know if they are mix of Indian and Latin :/

Rafa Marin: You fucking idiot rush b cyka blyat idi nahuij fucking knoob

Mayank Bhatia: You know you're dating an African man . when you can't walk properly after sex :P

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Luscious Guy In Tats Beating Off

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