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All videos Pornstars Categories.

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Umesh Batra: When the brains slide down about one meter.

Squiggly101: Why don't u have an episode abt arabic girls?

Kurt Barnes: That french pronounciation is so bad

Little Frog: For me this is very inaccurate. I think it's probably cuse I was raised in Australia.

AdriГ Prat: LOL. making fun of someone who doesn't eat MEAT .

Janne Mikkola: That girl kinda looks like Zara Larsson

Mortalsting: I'm a French, Danish and Hungarian girl. But I guess I'm a French man

W4r Galactic: True! I am Colombian

Lobos222: The relationship between Greek and Turkish people would have been like this! We have to see these behaviours for peace between two countries of people. Also in the past, wars and former governments separated each other. We're brothers actually not villains for whole of the world by the way ).

Paola EP: ME: *loses myself he is KOREAN, kiss sanity goodbye!

Changer: Denmark arrived in the 21th century, and so should you.

Zeravlah 00: This chick cleans up nice eh

TVrawks301: I want to leave here a tipical italian word because im italian. PORCO DIO

Cheshire Cat: Kisses from Franceeeeeee

Tattooed Black Thugs Steamy Action Equilibrated: Can someone tell me what it's PDA?

O Vovi O: First chick sounded like tracer.

Julia I.: As Colombian I think Mexican Spanish is awful, the best Spanish I think is from Argentina, Lima (peru and Bogota (Colombia).

Az Plasma: I actually caught up with a girl who ghosted me and she couldn't give an actual reason why she lost interest.

Xirconio: Personally, I like the confidence of Brazilians but love the Portuguese accent :)

Vivek Singh: She is gorgeous.

Try A Lot's: In Egypt and generally in the Arabic men won't let women pay

Hou Ouss: European and Latin culture are different. Portuguese woman are hard to get, it's a culture thing.

Sofia Bilson: When that lady said du.du hast. I was like RAMMSTEIN. THATS GERMAN.

Windsor2307: I must say that I enjoyed this video. god job.

Beatrice: Where is Greece?

Joanna Pavli: I don't speak Greek but the pronunciation wasn't that good.

Rodrigo Motta: From a boring, monotone voiced American

Jellyjell17: If you have problems with men or women in your home country, you will face the same problems any where else.

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