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Anna Tinning: Did you say that brazilian woman are territorial? hahaha

Sarah Norment: We mexicans ain't hoes! we don't kiss on the 1st date! lol

Mr Supreme: You are asian, but have Russian accent

Unmex 21: I just say Transylvania is Hungarian and Bish-Bash-Bush I know that she's Romanian!

Melody Nava: Personally, I think that many third world countries have better looking women than England and that should be a national tragedy XD

BagaBuga Tv: I have noticed the rumors are true by the way, some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen are found in Serbia, where I currently reside. Of course Marina is lookin quite appealing herself, those Russian/Ukranian genetics I see can produce some very good results!

Oliver Heng: And after the party there is always time for tacos!

Derek Banker: Why were there no Asian languages lol


Nena Pappas: Why this is so true?

Peekaboo: What about Mexican accent? fucking racist pieces of shit.

Clin'e A: Russian women have High standards on a Men. And they want to get treated like a Queen. I say, most of they want a perfect Gentleman-macho ;)

Boy And Girl Kiss Sexy Merriman B: Why dont you reveal the whole truth:

Lets Talk: Norway, Swden pls

Riskinhos: Thts it .German man seem to be interesting , profound , deep .hmm thts it i am going to marry a German . loool

Ernst Limat: Puta el chileno gay que trajeronJAKSKKS

Sarah LC: Also, the women given the pictures to judge were better looking and more attractive than the women in the photos.

Dian Anas: I know Portuguese!

Mario Alas: You know you are dating a Mexican when he says he is Mexican.

FlamingGhost: Do a Spanish woman or man next please!

Mima Me: Irish accent :0

TopShamrock: I'm from Mexico and I'm tired of hear.

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