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To Boys Having Sex Rita Sampaio: You should change the title to American Greek girl.i am born and raised in Greece and that video actually insults our women and our families.before you make a video is better to do a more detailed research first. If i was you i would delete it as soon as s not funny at all.unless if u change the title to American Greek woman who you actually show in this video.

Eliot Yanes: A Jewish joke: A waiter walks up to a table of old Jewish ladies and asks Is anything alright?

UtubeisEPIC: Tutte le donne si comportano cosi', non solo le italiane.

J_money 113: If this vid is representative of Canadian women and values?then it is similar to Australian, American pop culture?

Zoe Mateo: I SWEAR ITS TOTALLY TRUE. i live in Russia and i know it, men even die for their girlfriends . like, fighting to death

Fuck You: She is the most beautiful woman i ever seen. What s her name?

HoldMy Beer: As a 1 german man I can say this is complete stereotype bullshit they come up with in this video (click hunting video). I also eat weat bread and especially the list at the end is just wtf? Of course I do plannings but this is just over the top what they show here.

BleakDreamer: The is this misunderstanding that Greeks eat almost only meat. That's not true. The Greek cuisine has millions of vegan options

Patryk Marcel: Think the Filipino guy might have a wandering eye.

Ok Haha Lol: Accurate I've been waiting for this for aaages!

Joshua Sibley: Ohhhhh my God!

Alex Black: Its not really that you do a professional research. its just you saying stereotypes.

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  1. Laci you flashed up a picture of some natives as if to prove multiple genders in other cultures. You will need to elaborate on that.

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