Fratmentv Phillip - FRATMENTV Phillip

Watch Phillip at Fratmen. This is a hottie….. Now, this is my idea of an American male God. And look at that fuck stick?

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They typically do that to disclose you're hint you pass on perplex an unrealistic deal.

WeMustResist: The French have the sexiest accents, language, and people. With love from the USA

KeeptheFaith: This is exactly what a Turkish woman actually would do. I didnt know Greek women are same.

Berserkelion: What do you call Israeli music that plays during the video?

Sun Light: Do Greek man!

Anas Mohamed: C'mon, I don't drink wine but I know that France is a big producer. .Honestly, I don't I don't eat olives, so I couldn't know that Greece is a big producer neither

Lisa Vel: I'm mexican and this is actually pretty accurate! Nice video!

Samus Cast: This reminds me of my german girl friend, she's so straightforward and open minded. You just gotta love german people

HoloW _: Thats a great film , Moscow doesn't believe in tears

Mycattitude: Not to mention that Czech beer is the best in Europe.

Rachel Krantz: So it's a bit like dating a Rottweiler. If you show weakness it will bite your nuts off, if you get it under control it will be a pussy cat with you.

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Sgvpotter: Portugal is the World Best Destination 2017, by the World Travel Awards

Dropapi: According to this, I am a German man.

Chae Rin: What about German?

Ceyhun Mavzer: I'm Greek too

Maria Kadieva: Best ones were Russia, USA, and Canada. Those stank faces

AdГ©l H.: Are you Mexican! Oh! I love burritos and nachos

Colt Conley: Hahaha tutto giusto

Kramer911: Funny! But why there's always a tarantella when someone talks about Italians? :)

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Is he insecure or just joking or what?


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Larry This boy is a 10!! About the only improvement I could suggest for this photoset would be if the last couple of pics showed him shooting his big college boy load all over his belly and thighs. Some of you QUEENS, specially the ones who think hes too girly looking when u know most fratmen models arent even GAY should be thanking they can get hot straight guys to do these kinds of stuff. Man I would love to slap that ass of his.

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  1. Thanks so much for this video laci. It's changed how I look at things and I hope it opens a lot of peoples eyes

  2. just keep talking the truth as you see it. but what is it you stand for? why do you think feminism stands for equality?

  3. Why are you facepalming? Because you think only girls have to be all these things Laci is describing?

  4. This feels a lot like a beauty pageant. It certainly seems sexual when the adults are doing it.

  5. I am a man and my girlfriend raped me last time I was drunk, she tends to get very horny when she drinks.

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