Two Brazilian Males - Judge: Brazilian boys held in Chicago must be reunited with dads in 72 hours

In honor of conservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Two new Brazilian Protoneurinae damselflies, Forcepsioneura regua sp.

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Anteclypeus with lateral and mesal membranous ventral part yellowish, remainder part forming a rectangular black plate, postclypeus shining black. Last week, following his meeting with his attorney, he was once again moved to a new detention center. The Brazilian Air Force Portuguese: Under the coordination of the Joint Armed Forces also operates the Committee of Chiefs of Staffs of the military services. Army, Navy and Air Force. By the time they finished speaking, C.

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  • Judge: Brazilian boys held in Chicago must be reunited with dads in 72 hours |...
  • 2 Brazilian boys held in Chicago must be reunited with fathers within...
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  • Two gay men are granted the right to adopt a five-year-old girl in a landmark case in...
  • One of the boys turned 16 last week.

Maldonado was there to meet with her clients: The boys, unrelated and aged 15 and 9, were delivered to the office from an undisclosed location. For security and privacy purposes, the exact location of the shelter where they are staying is a closely guarded secret, even from their attorney. Maldonado knows only that the building has at least four stories and that, as far as she can tell, it seems to be a professional operation.

She explained that she did not work for the government and that she was part of the growing team of attorneys working to get them out of detention and reunited with their fathers, who remain locked up more than 1, miles away: The boys are plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging their ongoing separation from their fathers.

A spokesperson for the U. They are identified in court filings by their initials. The older one is identified as W.

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Between and , the 1st, 2nd and 16th Jungle Infantry Brigades , [35] [36] the 3rd Infantry Battalion , the 19th Logistics Battalion , and the 22nd Army Police Platoon were transferred by the Army from the states of Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul to the Amazon region [37] in accordance with the friendship policy with Argentina. Anteclypeus with lateral and mesal membranous ventral part yellowish, remainder part forming a rectangular black plate, postclypeus shining black.

The monophyly of this group, as well as that of other formerly erected taxa in Protoneurinae, is uncertain and currently under investigation Pimenta et al. The short VBP, not reaching ventral margin of S10 ventrally, and posterolateral margin of median lobe of prothorax lacking a defined tubercle-like process distinguish F.

Canadian Journal of Zoology

The FAB is subdivided into four operational commands:. Seth, they are TOPS when it comes to the family of nuts and seeds that are best for men. The year-old explained that, after they were arrested and taken to a Department of Homeland Security holding center, he and his father were told to a sign a document. Whatever happens, we have to stay together. Because of very thin general aspect and disruptive colors, protoneurids are difficult to be found in the field, being often overlooked by regular collectors.

Advising the Minister of Defense in the upper direction of the armed forces, aiming the organization, preparation and employment, in order to fulfill its constitutional mission and its subsidiaries assignments, with the goals strategic planning and the joint use of the military services.

The nine other males are very similar to holotype except for minor differences described below.

One man, Vasco Pedro da Gama, had already adopted the girl.

The Brazilian Armed Forces Portuguese: Brazil's armed forces are the third largest in the Americas, after the United States and Colombia , and the largest in Latin America by the standing of military equipment, with Legal, active-duty troops and officers. The Brazilian military, especially the men, has become more involved in civic-action programs, education, health anguish, and constructing roads, bridges, and railroads across the nation.

Although the constitution preserves the foreign and internal roles of the armed forces, it places the military under presidential authority. For this, the new charter changed the manner in which the military could exercise its moderating effectiveness.

The Armed Forces of Brazil are divided into 3 branches: The Military Police state protect alongside the Military Firefighters Cadre are described as an support and reserve force of the Army. An increasing percentage of the ranks are "long-service" volunteer professionals; women were allowed to serve in the armed forces beginning in the early s when the Brazilian Army became the first army in South America to accept women into career ranks; women serve in Navy and Air Force simply in Women's Reserve Corps.

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