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Filthy Frank - OH FUCK YEAH THIS IS THE SHIT! KILL ME NOW - Free Dating Chats

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Tournament runs November 17th- January. Request an Event to be Added. That is forever the "America F Yeah! People need to understand that Bastion always has to be pocketed because it's either a dumb troll and you've lost anyway or a SniperSmurf so you'll win. I mean i have no doubt he has a script to read off but if you hear different videos of him saying it they sound different.

In this one he sounds a little tired. Plus in some of them he addresses a particular player at the start.

Jean Lucas: Is she on crack

Birthe Kalipp: Lucy is so pretty!

Arti Lover: Would it be possible to do dating a South African woman

Mallo Bate: The guy who is dating the Danish girl looks very familiar. Looks like one of the tourguides in Copenhagen.

Lena 22110: Well thanks to this video i know i should be exclusively dating german women.it figures too considering my heritage.

Daquan Bayne: Please tape dating a franch women.

Sara A.: Also not every spanish people is like this. The norther you come, the more serious and quiet we are.

Ivan Molina: Wow she didn't rip off his head when he asked her to get snacks for him and his friends

Baby Dean: In the end, the lady spoke Russian .

Lisa Johns: I love how at 26 she nodded and put her thumbs up to him whilst being blind folded.

Am I wrong to be upset? How should I proceed?

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Fuck Yeah This Guy Is Having A Great Time

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Drake - Nice For What - Roommate Hookup


St. T.W.O: I like polish people but their language sucks. Worst slavic language

Bruno Michel: Filthy jusy filthy

Hiawatha: I would LOVE to see more videos with Eric from Germany or Jake (right ? from Canada they're so cuuuteeee

Rosumisorimu: Arab girl she is so hot!

Ghita.Ehn: Fake tan is absolutely disgusting. Men abhor it. Women, please don't use it

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  1. I don't want my kids to be circumcised but my partner does, what do I do about that?

  2. I should have known you before I tried to kill myself. That fucking hurt : thanks for the video. <3

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