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Do you have a question for parents? My son has always preferred me mom and made it well known. She always prefer I do everything but will still accept daddy if I'm clearly busy most times.

Start teaching it now. When linking please provide a description of the discussion you'd like to have about the link you're sharing. My daughter is attached to me too. Daddy, can I have..

Then it went away. Have dad do some fun things with him when he isn't expecting it. But when mommy isn't there, or is busy, I just tell him it's me or nobody. That's a shame, were doing it anyway, now put your shoes on. I would just point one thing - the fact that he got you to do something instead of his dad and it became a routine IS him deciding something. I think some of it is a normal phase where they begin to prefer one parent over the other.

Fei Gao: They seem like a big pain in the ass. no wonder that most of the males in shoujo manga are assertive and dominant ,they don't get to much of that in real life.

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TheVixo: Women in their 30s are FAR nicer and know more what they want in life.unfortunately that goes hand in hand with the loss of their physical attractiveness and fertility.always considerations for a man that wants a serious long-term relationship.

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Youve had a promise to dread the bastard.

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  1. You make such a valid point, however, there's hardly anyone that cares about the children anymore sadly. :(

  2. BTW MTV, this is why your viewership continues to plummet. u used to be a repository for youth culture. Now u are a neo-church-lady.

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