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Big Log: What language do they speak?

Barman Matt: Not to be a downer, but really bad sunburns in your 20's can end up being melanoma in middle age. Sun screen ladies! I had a friend who died of it at age 3 We Americans are the same way, wanna get that tan. Asian women, just the opposite. Getting tan makes you look like you toil in the sun like a peasant.

Jericho Swain: I am married to a Russian woman. You nailed it, especially the food. She can only feed an army,

Fleuger99: Love the video. I'm from Trinidad. I'll pay but I do appreciate when the girl offers even tho i will still pay.I say To each his own.

Stefano Muto: Feel free to ask any questions =)

Taha Alizzy: I HATE France with a passion.

PolianaF1: I'm German and ughh it sounds soo ugly compared to languages like French, Italian or Arabic (for me . compared to every other language basically xD

Sol Gutierrez: That's a joke please don't come for me! (PARIS is still the best tho)

Antking1117: I don't know if it's so, but that italian woman is making Italy look extremely regressive.

Nandi Covers: large eyes

Eva Baylon: Once, when I get back from a date one of my girls ask me if he paid and when I answer that he actually insist for pay 1 percent she told me He wouldn't be a real man if he did not pay the bill hahahah btw I'm Brazilian and I never paid one single bill of a date in my life.

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