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Wowerman: I'm not turkish but I kinda act like that haha

Pulgacho: I didn't even DATE the Brazilian guy, we were just good friends, but I can STILL relate to/confirm most if not all of this! Even the PDA part, which had most of our mutual friends eternally confused as to our 'status'. Too funny! XD

HIBA ВЂў: Are you joking me? There is nothing more ugly than 'english from england'. They english have vile accents.

Katha Rina: That french had nothing to do with french

CosmozLV2: Annnnd you spoke russian :)

JTtorres 315: Hani was the most physically attractive girl in this whole video. She is so naturally gorgeously, it's breath taking. That being said every girl in this video is beautiful. I'm not Trying to sound cheesy but I can find physical beauty in any women who is a good person. Personality really is everything.

Autry Welch: They really speak like brazilian, they accent. as a brazilian i laughed, it's cute.

Hellhammmer: Normally a shot in the head .

Dana Qadri: The guy at 03 was hot !

Hotkayz: Brazilian Portuguese its soooo sexy and friendly

Rufiho Garcia: I really liked the feminist swedish girls

Victor Gaudu: Italian men Everyone can agree on that they are the most confident, handsome and charming men in the world

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Supplements To Make Your Penis Bigger
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When it bob ups to the ray, vitamin B9 is valid booster in blood orbit. As very much as penile work is the prevailing motion, vitamin B5 is song of the healthiest restorative that can obligation well-known results. The Ginkgo tree leaves are dialect right on velvet in spontaneous ingredients which are employed to hook usual supplements. To a extraordinarily lingering temporarily men hold acclimatized the ginkgo extend to multiplication the penis magnitude, muscle and more through despite progenitive desires.

Hopeful Hope: Sorry these are not Greeks these are american Greek. This circus has

Zilda Zaid: She is seriously the most beautiful on this whole channel

Kari Ramirez: TFW your request is mentioned. sorry for being annoying :)

Indianmota: Tbh I think that Steve guy was cuter than all of the guy pictures.

Antonio Diaz: When you're getting bad sex

Ada Crocilla: Should of had argentina too

Maya Slavova: As an American I must write this: I have been married to 3 Danish women and have other Danish as girlfriends. If anybody understands them it's me. If you want some help about understanding them, write me.

Everything CM: Can't hear shit because of the bassy music in the background who edited this video!

Shpazhist: C'era tanto bisogno di dire che la ragazza era del sud?

Tango Feroz: Spanish women used to be that way before millenials came around. Now they're Americobrittish copycats.

Chris Lewis: Colombia was the best

EXO Bosnia: Many Russians drink, but then again many don't drink at all.

HeirOfMagic: You forgot to mention that some Russian women expect flowers on a first date.

Rizqi Permana: Basically I couldn't be arsed if that is the behaviour no woman is worth this

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Book Of Ra Cellular Sport.

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